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Intoweb's Intranet Systems contain various modules that you can choose from to suit your company requirements. The Intranet modules handles all your day to day business tasks to simplify how you manage the different aspects of your business.

What makes Intoweb's Intranet software different?

  • All the Intranet Systems run online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access. Keeping a handle on your business has never been this easy.
  • The Intranet Systems runs securely on your Intranet
  • You only choose the Intranet System modules that you want to use, thus you only pay for the modules you will use
  • Our Intranet Systems are completely customizable and can integrate with most other systems
  • If there is a Intranet system that you need that we don't already have, we can build it for you

We are continuously adding more modules to our Intranet Systems. Below is a list of modules we currently have available and working on. If you don't see the system you are looking for, please contact us to discuss the possibility of creating a custom system for your company.

Click on the module to read more about it.

Business Solutions

Helpdesk / Requesting System
Use the Intoweb Helpdesk system to automatically capture and manage email requests about a service you offer. The Helpdesk will alert you of any unresolved issues and allow you to draw reports on helpdesk usage.

The Intranet Gallery is where images are categorized, uploaded and stored to be used by the personnel in the company. The gallery module can be used as a standalone module or integrated into other Intoweb modules.

Calendar System
This module consists of a calendar that will allow you schedule events in your company such as your annual meeting, end year function and team building events. You can integrate the Corporate Calendar with the Human Resources Employees module in order to keep the employee list up to date.

CMS Collaboration System
The Collaboration system is combination of a whole lot of smaller features, including a poll, survey, chat/forum, SMS system, Gallery, policy enforcement etc. Easy communication in the office is possible through this system.

Contacts Integrated (Contact & CRM)
The Customer Relationship Management Module, integrated with the Contacts Module becomes the Contacts Integrated system. Manage all customer relations with easy access to contact information.

Client Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management is made possible through this module. It is now easy to know exactly what is happening with your customers at any time.

Contacts Module
Use the Contacts module as a central information system on your Intranet to set up contacts for your organisation. These contacts can be added to categories such as IT suppliers, Printing suppliers, General Maintenance, Emergency, etc.

DMS (Document Management System)
A document management system allows users to login to a site and upload files to a remote location. The user can then access his files from anywhere in the world as long he has an internet connection.

Strategic Planning System
The Strategic Planning System in includes analysing current market trends, the strengths and weaknesses of your business, the products and services you offer and much more. The system then assists in developing a series of business strategies for the way ahead.

Project Solutions

Project Management System
The Project Management System allows multiple projects with multiple resources to be set multiple tasks and managed on the Intranet.

Tasks Management System
The Task Management System allows the management of tasks for multiple projects. Anyone can see where a project is and what progress has been made at any given stage.

Process Flow System
The process flow management system allows for an organisation to set up process flow analysis and tracking systems. Process flow is first created, and each step is analysed with how it influences the next step.

Workflow System
The Workflow Software assists people in managing the workflow and process flow of a company.

Staff Solutions

Kiosk Collaboration Solution
The Kiosk System is a touch screen interface which allows the user to access the various links of the Intranet through simple, clearly defined graphics. The Kiosk System makes use of an onscreen keyboard for any text inputs by the user.

Time & Attendance
The Time and Attendance module is designed to keep track of the activities attendance of employees. The system features time projected and taken on project, and various reporting systems. This module has various features that allow managers to see how employees spend their time and how much time is spent on meetings. This allows them to track how much time is spent on one particular client or project and as a result, costs can be calculated more accurately.


In Development

  • Policy Enforcement System

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