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The Intoweb Sports Management System was designed in collaboration with a national sports administration authority and handles all aspects of sports administration. The system can be customised to accommodate any sporting code. Modules are available for the administration of clubs, teams, players, referees and competitions.

The referee management module also includes a system to manage ongoing assessment of referee performance, and handles the capture of complete match reports, including incident reports on sporting infringements committed by players. The data from these match reports is automatically used to update competition logs, and can be used to enforce sporting rules on players.

The competition management module includes a system to automatically handle the draw for both knock-out and round-robin type leagues, assists in the scheduling of matches, and can generate real-time logs for round-robin leagues. All modules can be customised to enforce sports and business rules specific to the sporting code.

The system can also be integrated with the Intoweb financial management system to provide seamless management of finances for competitions. The system can also be integrated with the organisation's web site to provide real-time data to the public, or allow syndication of data to news media.


Player Management
Use this module to set up and manage players.

Team Management
Create and manage the different teams by using the Team Management module.

Competition Management
This module is used to schedule matches. You can choose to schedule Leagues or Independant matches.

Stadium Management
You can use this module to set up and manage the stadiums used for games.

Referee Management
The Referee Management module is used to set up and manage registered referees. In addition to this, you can also choose referee types, view referee match reports and set up referee assessments.


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