Purchase Prebuilt Intranet South Africa


Purchase an Intranet for your business that is prebuilt and installed immediately, this is what Intoweb Business Solutions offers you.

Intoweb builds Intranets focussing on financial, collaboration, HR and e-Learning systems that are easy to use, prebuilt and installed immediately.

Intoweb offers a unique design of Intranet modules that fully integrate with each other. The design is built in such a way that extra functionality can be added and new unique modules added into the intranet system. Each module is highly customisable with many built in options.

Meet with Intoweb to discuss your unique needs, Intoweb offers over 36 modules, and each module can be customised to fit various needs.

Using pre-built software, Intoweb can deliver quality, already proven software in a short time span.

A prebuilt Intranet for your company in South Africa offering a ready to use intranet with all the functions any Intranet should have;

  • Content Management
  • Leads Management
  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Customer Management
  • Skills Management

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