PHP Jobs Midrand

Example of Intoweb CRM Module
  PHP Jobs Midrand: Intoweb is looking for PHP Programmers to join their dynamic team.

Intoweb builds Intranet PHP modules focusing on financial, collaboration, HR and e-Learning systems. Intoweb has built a vast amount of modules already, and clients absolutly love the way we have one integrated solution, with business solutions that are completely web focused, completely built in PHP. We do not have much competition, there does not exist a whole range of PHP modules like what Intoweb has built, except for the likes of SAP.

Business is booming at Intoweb, and we are battling to keep up with demand, we are offerring PHP jobs as we require more PHP programming teams.

If you are looking for a PHP job, Intoweb is moving into very exciting area, pushing PHP to limits with the following technologies:

  1. Integration with Google APIs, such as calendaring, Google Docs.
  2. Integration with Microsoft technologies
  3. Integration with financial accounting packages
  4. Building in Artificial Intelligence into e-Learning, financial and other applications
  5. Web 2.0 technologies
  6. Advanced GUI interfaces
  7. Advanced anti-hacking security techniques, including SQL, Firewall, and PHP
  8. Advanced tracking
  9. PHP Biometric integrations
  10. Mobile device integrations
  11. Compression, pre-rendering, pre-loading PHP speed techniques
  12. Various PHP Jobs: API, SOAP, XML interface programming
  13. Advanced PHP framework building blocks, using latest PHP advancements
  14. Advanced messaging, including SMS data receiving, MMS, photo capturing, phone barcode scanning

PHP jobs at Intoweb is very exciting, we are constantly challenged by clients whom require us to do various advanced PHP programming. If you think you are up for the challenge, we have a range of PHP programming jobs available, from graduates, to senior PHP developers. Please submit your CV at Intoweb Recruitment.

PHP jobs Midrand at Intoweb.

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