Intranet Social Media - Collaboration Module

  • Allows access to internal communication through creating pages
  • Articles are displayed on the intranet dashboard
  • The system uploads, stores, categorizes and grants access to in- service training data
  • Enables users to easily store and retrieve company documentation such as company policies, MD blogs
  • Records company communications
  • Facilitates creating and voting on company polls
  • Gives uniqueness and flexibility with company specific categories, news ,articles , and polls.

  • Inside the collaboration module:

    Users of the collaboration module are given security access by the administrator to be able to access the module. Once inside the module, there is a search function to retrieve existing articles or editing them if the user has the correct security rights. All documents that are for general viewing are added as links on the dashboard.

    Articles can be script or images and categorized, allowing new pages to be written directly onto the collaboration page or to be uploaded. Easy access links to the pages are shown in the ribbon at the top of each page New pages can be created, edited, stored and deleted. Records are kept of the pages.


    Access to the collaboration module is regulated by security access rights, as set out by the system administrators. Security rights regulate who may create articles and who may view them. Articles can be kept confidential or used for general viewing.


    Intranet Social Media Collaboration

    Search function accessing articles according to categories

    New pages

    News article headings are displayed on the dashboard

    Create a poll

    New poll on dashboard


    Company internal communication is made easier by a fully comprehensive system for file and information sharing over an Intranet. The CMS / Collaboration system provides up to date communication with all employees of the company in a fast and effective way. Fully integreatable with the rest of the Intranet modules, this is a handy tool to improve company communications.


    • Intranet Social interaction and collaboration on projects and clients
    • Todo lists

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