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Register as a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)?

The SDF must submit a letter of appointment to ISETT SETA. ISETT SETA will register and link the SDF on the ISETT on-line grant system. An SDF can now submit documents to claim back levies. To register a SDF, click here.

Register as a skills development levy payer?

Download Annexure A form from ISETT SETA website. Complete the form and submit to South African Revenue Services (SARS). SARS will send the details and L number to the Department of Labour (DOL). DOL will now allocate the company to the relevant SETA. You are now registered skill levy payer with your SETA.

What about submitting Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) on ISETT on-line grant system?

The ISETT SETA activates the on-line grant system three months prior to the closing date of the submission of the WSP. This is to enable all SDF’s to start submitting WSP claims. After ISETT SETA approves this WSP the system opens for an SDF to submit their ATR claims. Each time an SDF submits the WSP or ATR claim, the system locks him or her out. After closing dates of all submissions the system locks all SDF’s out. This informs SDF’s that they are not allowed to submit claims after closing dates.

Closing dates for submitting WSP and ATR grant claims?

For the submission and payment schedule of grants refer to the ISETT website.

How long does it take for a company to get grant payments back?

For the submission and payment schedule of grants refer to the ISETT website.

How would I know the name of the SETA in which my employer is paying levies?

When the employer registered with SARS as a skills levy payer, SARS provides him or with Sector Industry Code (SIC). This code defines the business activities of the employer, and it determines the SETA in which your employer is paying levies, and informs DOL of the SETA in which your employer should fall. You can phone DOL or any SETA with your levy number, they will be able to tell you the name of the SETA in which your employer belongs.


  • To develop a culture of high quality lifelong learning;
  • To foster skills development in the formal economy for productivity and employability;
  • To stimulate and support skills development in small businesses;
  • To promote skills development for employability and sustainable livelihoods through social development initiatives;
  • To assist new entrance to obtain employment.

What does ISETT SETA stand for?

Information Systems (IT) Electronics, Telecommunications Technologies, Sector Education Training Authority.

Where should I get the L number of my company?

Contact SARS or DOL to get your L number

How much money will I claim back as result of submitting WSP and ATR?

Let us use a practice example to this question. Company X paid R100 as a skill levy to SARS. R20 is allocated to the National Skills Fund (DOL), i.e. 20% of the skills levies paid. R80 is allocated to the relevant SETA, i.e. 80% of the skills levies paid. R10 is budgeted for SETA administrative expenses, i.e. 10% of the skills levies paid. An employer can now claim back R70 in the form of grants, i.e. 70% of the skills levies paid. This R70 can be claimed back as follows: SDF submits WSP, if approved; an employer gets back R15, i.e. 15% of the levies. He/she submits ATR, if approved; R45 is paid back to the employer i.e. 45% of the skills levies paid. The above two types grants are mandatory according to Skill Development Act. The R10 may be claimed back by submitting an application to the ISETT SETA. This is called discretionary grant and payment decision is upon the discretion of the ISETT SETA. If you want to apply for this grant refer to the Grant C criteria and guidelines available on ISETT SETA website.

What will happen to the skills levies that were not claimed?

It is important that SDF submits WSP, ATR and discretionary Grant applications before or on the specified closing date. Failure to do this will result to the forfeiture of the grants. ISETT SETA will then transfer the unclaimed levies to the fund called “Unclaimed fund”. When levies are transferred to this fund employer cannot get grants payments back for that financial year any more. ISETT SETA board will allocate these monies to skills development projects.

What about miscalculations of percentages of grants?

The SETA can only calculate the 15%, 45% and 10% of your grants based on the levies that it received from SARS through DOL. If you are not satisfied with the grants that were paid back to you by your SETA, first confirm with the SARS of the grants that you paid. Now you can contact your SETA if you are still not satisfied with the calculations of your grants. For calculation of grants payment also refer to the answer of question 7.

What are the procedures of claiming Grant C?

Refer to ISETT criteria and guidelines. They are available on ISETT website.

How about transferring a company that is registered with a wrong SETA?

Confirm your business activities with the SETA you want to transfer to telephonically. Write a letter to this SETA requesting transfer from one SETA to another. After getting response from this SETA, download Annexure B form available on ISETT SETA website. Complete this form and fax it to the SETA you want to transfer to This SETA will finalise transfer with other SETA and DOL. Hence, this process may take time to be finalised as it involves also transfer of levies that were paid to the wrong SETA.

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