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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a widely used programming language for dynamic website development. As the most popular web script language, it offers a number of benefits that set it apart. Some of the core advantages related to PHP development are discussed below:

  • Easily accessible programming language. PHP can be sourced and downloaded with ease, as it is an open source product that is widely available online.
  • Cost-effective solution. As a well-established development medium used by millions of users and developers globally, it can be installed and used for free. This is advantageous to those starting an online business or those simply not wanting to exceed their budget.
  • Unique and flexible modular system. PHP developing employs pre-defined modules, which allow the language to be tweaked in the programming process. This enhances the development process as applications, websites and functionality can be tailored to suite the exclusive business needs. It can also support a broad range of libraries, including:
    • Libraries utilized for graphics
    • XML or Extensible Markup Language
  • Shortens development time due to several added benefits:
    • The programming language is easily accessible at no cost
    • It is user-friendly, therefore the learning and relevant application of it for development purposes is easier
    • Is similar to some other popular programs such as ASP, yet simpler to learn
    • PHP development allows PHP script to integrate well with HTML for website development
    • It is versatile and can operate on most web servers and operating systems, such as Mac OS and Microsoft
  • Improves development process and development quality through the following:
    • The integration with HTML allows web pages to be processed by a server prior to being displayed on the users web browser. Navigation is enhanced with lower loading time due to the faster processing speed.
    • The flexibility and ease of using pre-defined modules, as mentioned above, for programming allows simplicity with considerable customization for application and website development purposes
    • Advanced functionality making websites both tailor-made and interactive. PHP programming enables efficient feedback which is essential in the ongoing development process and improving quality. PHP programming language allows one to monitor activities of target visitors and extract their feedback.
    • Improved efficiency, for instance PHP development can enable a variety of applications to be effectively and easily integrated, and therefore run much faster. This is beneficial where websites are operated on ones server.
    • PHP has also been improved over time and the current version is very stable. This goes a long way to ensuring the quality, reliability and longevity of applications and websites developed.
    • This development allows design and associated flexibility to programmers, as indicated above. This improves the quality and relevance of the application or end product to an organization and therefore the value of PHP development. This explains why it is incorporated in various content management systems such as Joomla.

PHP development has been discussed above in terms of its advantages. The advantages make it a very popular choice as a programming language. It essentially presents a flexible, easy to use application and website development method. It is versatile, compatible with different servers and operating systems, improves efficiency of the development process and product quality, in addition to being economical.


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