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Pastel is a leading developer of accounting software and auditing solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. With Pastel one can analyze trends, produce management accounts, as well as generate and print complete financial statements with notes. Pastel auditing software offers an advanced solution, which enables it to integrate effectively with other software programs. It also abstracts relevant information from other applications, which alone can save one approximately fifteen minutes per hour. Pastel integration with CRM, debit orders and other bank management modules, saves substantial amounts of time as core input date is linked directly with the Pastel software via an automated resource. This further saves time on financial reporting and tax processes.

Integrating Pastel With CRM

Employing Pastel integration with CRM again saves both time and monetary resources. Resource management is a basic objective of any organization or business. These are some of the advantages or features of this integration process:

  • Maintain supplier information or up-to-date records
  • Create task and follow up priorities
  • View purchase log
  • View documents
  • Track supplier ledger transactions
  • Assign documents that relate to the suppliers
  • Pastel integration with CRM also includes inventory information. This enables the user to view inventory details, stock levels, pricing and relevant transactions.
  • Further, with integration one can create budgets for consumers at customer level.
  • One can also print an age analysis, sales opportunity reports; create invoices or sales orders direct from sales opportunity. This is not done by importing or exporting, but via a live link.

Integrating Pastel With Debit-Order And Other Bank Management Modules

Pastel allows for organizations to manage their funds more effectively and safely. With Pastel integration one enjoy personalized service, a state of the art secure online system and competitive transaction costs. Its easy to see why Pastel stands out in the marketplace as an accounting software, at the forefront of its niche. The seamless integration of the package with debit-order and bank management modules presents customers with a single, easy to use account. Dedicated support, plus access to a host of over twenty additional services are at the users disposal, with no additional software requirements. The associated features and benefits of such integration is highlighted next:

  • Validation and verification of banking details. One is able to pre-validate debtors and creditors bank details for accuracy on capture and if necessary these details can also be verified with the account holders bank.
  • Credit checks can be conducted and reports obtained on a consumer or business entity. The request is made directly via Pastel and credit reports from three credit bureaus are sent back to the individuals desktop for approval.
  • If one handles debtors account applications he or she can request and verify the details of the legal entity by requesting a CIPRO report. Again this is transferred to the relevant persons desktop in a matter of seconds.
  • An organization offering debit orders as a method of payment to clients, has the ability to produce recurring invoicing and setup debit-order collection batches directly from the accounting software.
  • Supplier or creditor payments as well as expenditures such as salaries can be released from the accounting application with ease.
  • The accounting software also automatically downloads bank statements which have been internally mapped to reconcile and post the transactions to ones cash book and ledger accounts. This integration saves time, while eliminating data capture errors during reconciliation.
Above mentioned are some advantages that businesses would gain from Pastel integration. The customer relationship management integration translates to more satisfied clients and improved ongoing customer relations. The convenience and simplicity of integrating debit-order and bank module management software with Pastel makes banking, reconciliation and client payments smoother and faster.


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