Intranet Software for effective communication to your employees.
Intranet Software for managing Human Resources, Training Departments, Company Processes, Registrations, CRM, Payments, Leave, Procurement, Document Management, Collaborations, Calendar, Contact Management, helpdesks, eLearning software, etc
Software is off the shelf or customised to suit your unique needs.

Intranet and extranet systems that aid in the management of your processes and workflows. The Intranet solutions are customisable to suit clients exact Management needs.

The Management Software can handle incoming requests and online forms and manage complex process flows including integration to other systems, calendaring, bookings, generating emails, generating PDF documents, quotations, invoices, document verifications, meetings preparation, and a lot more. Communication software on the Intranet can provide information to employees, engage employees with polls, competitions, surveys, discussion groups, etc.

The latest Intranet modules include:

Human Resource Software to record various information in HR requirements. Buy off the shelf, or Intoweb will customise their software to suit your unique needs.

You only need to purchase the modules you require, Intoweb can integrate with other third party systems to either feed or pull information.

HR software modules available:

Convert your paper based and Excel based financial activities to a more efficient Intranet platform. Time savings can be massive and process flow management ensure quality and retaining data integrity.

Our Financial Systems assists with the management of all the financial processes within your company. The systems also offer comprehensive reporting.

Modules include:

The management of the learning process is made so much easier by online learning - whether your business is a college or just a company wishing to train up employees. The software comes complete with automatic grading.

For the students or employees, there is an online learning system with online course content, online exams and tests. For the employee or Lecturer, setting up any type of exam and course content to suite the need of the course.

Some of the E-Learning solutions include:

SAFA tests biometric fingerprint systems for player registration

On Friday 4 th November 2011, SAFA visited the Atteridgeville Soccer stadium for the match between Spartak and Pheli Pace Setters, and tested new biometric fingerprint devices for player registration, using the SAFA-ONLINE Sports Management System developed by Intoweb. The system can register new players and interact with the main SAFA-ONLINE server with incredibly fast speeds which was proven when using only a 3G connection and 40 players were registered in 30 minutes.

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Intoweb Business (PTY) LTD is part of the Intoweb Group of Companies specialising in Intranet applications. Intoweb Business creates online business applications and Intranet systems. Intoweb has been creating business systems since 1999 and has developed leading edge technology that helps companies move their processes to an electronic platform. .. Read More Contact us for a demonstration on our Intranet Software. Intoweb will come out and see you! Contact Us

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